David Reiss cycles through a veritable closet of professional hats. He’s a dynamic entrepreneur, marketing consultant, business owner, writer, and teacher; his resume spans no less than 100 industries and lists an abundance of roles in marketing, corporate leadership, academia, and entertainment — just to name a few. With a reputation for “Always Finding a Way,” Reiss is best known for applying his out-of-the-box thinking and often disruptive solutions to help countless businesses scale to success. 

While still an undergraduate at SUNY at Stony Brook, Reiss turned his success as a photographer into a position as the Director of Photographic Curriculum for the University’s continuing education program, where he taught introductory and advanced photography courses. While still at Stony Brook, he created the University’s first Photo Gallery and became its Director. Reiss also organized weekend photographic symposiums hosted by some of the industry’s leading photographers who would speak and connect with upcoming photographers. 

A few years later, David Reiss graduated with a double bachelor’s degree in psychology and anthropology. He then went on to earn two master’s degrees — one in education from Stony Brook, and the second in TV and Film from the University of Michigan. He topped off his academic journey with a Ph.D., ABD, in TV and Film, also from the University of Michigan. All the while, Reiss continued to feel the pull of entrepreneurship, providing consultation services and managing his own businesses on the side. 

For a while, David Reiss considered following his passion for learning into academia, accepting an Assistant Professorship at Ohio University. But after teaching television and film courses, he realized his interests weren’t confined to teaching concepts on campus — he wanted to put them into practice…in Hollywood. 

Reiss packed up and moved to LA. As his way of “Breaking in,” Reiss wrote over 400 magazine articles on film and television, traveling from one movie and television set to the next interviewing high-profile celebrities. He also spent three years on the set of the American comedy-drama series M*A*S*H and was tapped to author M*A*S*H: The Exclusive, Inside Story of TV’s Most Popular Show. The book became an International Bestseller in the US, UK, and Canada. Following the book’s positive reception, Reiss took to the college lecture circuit, giving no fewer than 110 lectures to sold-out auditoriums. 

Refusing to be known simply as an Entertainment Journalist, Reiss once again transitioned his career. He became a member of the Writer’s Guild West and spent the next several years writing episodic television and creating and producing TV movies.

By his mid-twenties, Reiss had already established a Marketing Services Company providing services to more than a dozen industries. In one of those industries, automotive, Reiss developed ground-breaking marketing campaigns and won multiple awards for his widespread brand recognition and, for two consecutive years, was recognized as the top brand advertiser to the automotive trade.  

Fueled by his passion for marketing and the notoriety of his prior successes, Reiss was asked to speak at National (and International) Conferences, Symposiums, and Corporate Events. From there, it wasn’t long until those companies in attendance hired Reiss to consult, help them overcome their obstacles and achieve scale.  

Adding corporate accomplishments to his record, Reiss was approached by more than a dozen Funds, Investment Bankers, Family Offices, and Fortune 1000 companies in need of someone to take over troubled portfolio companies and turn them around, creating attractive targets for acquisition. Working with dozens of companies in as many industries, Reiss became known for building companies and generating much higher than expected valuations. 

With more than 100 companies under his corporate belt, including companies he owned either exclusively or with partners, Reiss was able to fulfill his desire to give back to others. He created a Mastery Group and opened it up to 25 participants, some who flew halfway around-the-world to attend for two days, four times a year. Reiss finds satisfaction in helping passionate entrepreneurs prevail over their project uncertainties, find answers to their most pressing business questions and achieve professional success. His goal and accomplishment, as he is proud to say, was to: “Help Others Think Outside Their Boxes.”

David Reiss is not one to slow down. As he puts it, “I tried retiring once…it was the worst four minutes of my life.” He continues to create and build new companies, help entrepreneurs succeed with their companies and consult with mid-size companies in need of marketing adrenaline.